Story of my life.

When my psych professor heard me speak Spanish for the first time today 

He asked me why I speak Spanish and I told him I’m actually Ecuadorian

 ”WHat! Are you serious, I could have sworn you were Egyptian or something. But are you really Latino? You sure none of your ancestors are from Greece or some Arabic country”. I was just sitting there just nodding and bitchy smiling. “No sir”

So if you are from South America then, I know, your ancestors must be natives either Native Americans or Incas, right? Yeah your face structures. Your family must have kept a very pure line of Native ancestry. But your last name is so Spaniard. You have a very interesting mix, very interesting. You should ask your parents….”

Although this happens to me a lot, it is the first time a professor is seriously asking me questions about my ancestry. CLEARLY he doesn’t know that most of us, Latin American people, are a mix of pretty much everything and which is why we are cool. 

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